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This will open up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

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Once you've determined the version of DirectX running on your PC you can use the below chart to determine what Shader Model version is supported. The DirectX versions detailed here start with DirectX version 8. DirectX versions prior to version 8. DirectX versions 1.

One recommendation prior to installing a newer version of DirectX is to ensure that your graphics card supports that version of DirectX. Most PC games developed prior to the release of DirectX 12 were most likely developed using an earlier version of DirectX. These games will be compatible on PCs with DirectX 12 installed due to their backward compatibility.

Installation of the latest version of DirectX is only necessary when you're trying to play a game that has been developed with that latest version.

XNA Game Developer Journal

Microsoft has made it very easy to stay up to date and it can be updated via the standard Windows Update and through manual download and installation. Since the release of DirectX In addition to Windows Update, most games will check your system on installation to see if you meet the DirectX requirements, if you don't you will be prompted to download and install prior to installing the game.

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  • Determine Your DirectX Version and Shader Model;
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Graphics Programming with GDI+

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We do some experiment as below: 1. We also use Burn In Test V7. We use the Burn In Test 9.


Or could you explain this 3D test time out error phenomenon which won't occur in older version BIT program? BIT V7. Many thanks. Tags: None.

David PassMark. It looks like the video card driver may have crashed or stopped responding correctly at this point, generally an issue like this there where there are no problems until after several hours are caused by small memory leaks in device drivers. It would be a good idea to check if there is an updated driver available for the video card. There are also excellent Microsoft tools available for tracking down memory leaks.

DirectX 9 C++ Graphics Tutorial 1: Getting Started « Greg Dolley’s Weblog

Then use the tags displayed in PoolMon to track down the particular driver at fault. Comment Post Cancel. Dear Sir: Thanks for your help.