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His battles with drugs and alcohol, which eventually lead to him having a liver transplant later in life, are also documented in the tome. Additionally, his upbringing in the South is also discussed, offering a portrait of life in the s with brother Duane during an intense time of racial and cultural transformation, which eventually impacted the music they made.

The motorcycle deaths of Duane as well as bassist Berry Oakley, which occurred but a year apart, also receive considerable space. Allman has lived a memorable life and this book certainly sounds like a page turner! There will of course be a digital version, released as an enhanced eBook, which will feature videos, additional interviews, never-before-seen photos and more.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: Gregg Allman’s ‘My Cross to Bear’

Who's planning to read it? Home News. Even to death — all the way to the cross. For Jesus, the cross symbolized full and complete obedience to God. If we want to follow Jesus, we will follow Him in complete obedience wherever He leads.

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Full obedience. Why not give everything we have to God in order to get all God has to give us? Ah… let us bear the cross of obedience and follow Jesus into the full and purposeful life God has for each of us! Good article. I appreciate the clarification, because I often hear people misuse what it means to bear their cross for Christ.

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