Inequality, Economic Growth, and Technological Change: New Aspects in an Old Debate

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The Russian Federation, who adopted a retirement age increase and a set of employment support policies last year stands among other countries, who are trying to keep the sustainability and adequacy of their pension systems. A workshop will investigate the policy experience of Scandinavian countries and Baltic States in this area. Detailed information on the the workshop is available here.

Economic Issues No. The Pension Puzzle: Prerequisites and Policy Choices in Pension Design

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The Ticking Pension Bomb

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International Pension Workshop

Advanced search. The first part will deal with the Danish pension system from a practical perspective focusing on types of pension schemes, and management of pension schemes seen from the perspective of Danish pension companies. It will give an account of how the pension system has evolved over recent decades and relate to pension systems in other countries on the Western hemisphere.

The second part will contain an introduction to the modelling framework — overlapping generations models — for analyzing microeconomic and macroeconomic implications of pension systems and welfare consequences of pension policies. It will focus on individual decisions on consumption, savings, and retirement from a lifecycle perspective as well as on generational accounting.

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  • Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Cambridge University Press | IDEAS/RePEc.

Furthermore, the impact of pensions on macroeconomic balances and performance will be addressed. The third part will give an account of the empirical literature estimating and testing the abovementioned implications of various pension schemes and changes in pension policies. As an integral part of the course outside speakers will be invited to give presentations on selected topics. Andersen, Asger L.

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