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By the age of twenty-one he decided release his own record in an attempt to demonstrate to the Bahamian music industry his own ability, and in the hope that it would help him launch his musical career. Written over the space of just a few hours, the result was 'Under Cover Lover'. As a result, the record was therefore soon sadly lost into distant memory.

A good shout for sleeve art of the week, this one's dripping in Dekmantel Selectors obscurity and cosmic synth work. Global tracks is a mystery; browsing the name online gives nothing associated with the artist. All we really know is that Gothenburg is home base. The music is mostly influenced by jungle, but also by footwork and dancehall. Someone's been at the eckies as this usually more psychedelic stable take a trip to the motorway bridges and abandoned warehouses of '94 Britain. All the massiv!

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Deanne Day is the unlikely moniker of one Andrew Weatherall in collaboration with heavyweight keys man David Harrow. Although sounding like a long lost blitz era beauty or 's screen starlet, it's actually 2 blokes jamming in the studio well into the wee hours, to stunning effect! Rewind back to , East London, a lot of people reading this weren't even born then, but believe you me 'deep house' was a real and actual thing and Lord Sabre and crew were at the forefront of it all. House music, eh?

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Pretty potent stuff. You need this record in your collection, and the other Deanne Day one. More about that later though! This, the first of 2 Deanne Day reissues, has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Emissions Audio Output and all license holders for and remastered by Bristol's Optimum Mastering from the original DAT tapes.

Verging into techno territories, this is real deal old skool dance music.

The Pirates Revolution The Golden Age Of Pirates

No frills, no bullshit. It's the rooted B-line that'll keep the floor busy though, a rock solid foundation for all the other elements to dance around Now fully curated for the dancefloor and with enough oomph to not disappoint any of your punters. Top draw, top notch, top everything! K15 serves up another slice of broken beat wizardry for Eglo Records, illuminating his trademark style of soul stirring synths and bouncing bass.

Clocking in at just over 8 minutes, 'Devotion' is a dance music opus for the mind and body. Lifted from the forthcoming Eglo Records Vol. Exclusive to the vinyl release the B-Side features K15's reconstruction of Patricks Gibin and Javonttee's 'Cloud 9', a track released earlier in the year, which see's K transform the four to the floor soulful house classic into an abstracted, broken bubbler, building until all the elements fall into place, climaxing into a low end groove.

Essential broken beat for ! Project Pablo takes the track into bigger realms, adding an anthemic, hooky bassline and an endorphin-cruising chord progression to elevate the track into peak time trajectory. One more flavour before kicking out time: DJ Sports' dub of "Time For You" which strips the vocal away and concentrates on that sweltering midday haze, adding cascading dub echoes and a pluming sub bass to blanket the listener in a thick, opiated patina that's tailor made to get lost inside your mind on a hammock with a carrot in hand!

Jah blessings! Get it in the bag!

Gentle Pirate

If you've kept an ear on this cat from his Hessle and Text days, you should be eagerly anticipating a total treat here, and you'd be right. New rhythms inspire new dances and new ideas, and already in the very first bars of "Get Centred" you realize that this record can be both a joyfully twisted dance floor work out as also beautiful listening experience. Next up comes "Line To Earth", a resounding reminder that triplets are back and here to stay! This very catchy jam is sharp as a tack and showcases intense drum programming at its very best, with swirling toms that seem to just float in the air.

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We feel them activating different body parts for futuristic popping, whereas the relentless boogie rhythm which lays the foundation for this track gives us material to twist our legs in sync to the beat. Its many decorative elements seem entirely necessary to make this work and constantly fall rightly into place. It's an equally fitting soundtrack for a long drink on a spacecraft, watching meteorites pass by, and a bus journey with headphones late at night, watching the rain rolling down the windows Kapote is the head of Berlin's future disco- neo funk- nastyhouse label Toy Tonics.

His album came out in june and caused quite some euphory around the world. You can hear his tracks in the sets of all kind of quality DJs currently. And you always recognize his vibe… that mix of live played keyboards and basses combined with rare samples cutted on a MPC.

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Before Kapote got into dancemusic he studied jazz piano and plays several instruments. Here now you you get 3 remixes from his album material. Banger all the way. Oozing italo vibes all over the place with some hands in the air moments. Hot from their recent Deewee release, they are proving they are not a one-off hit wonder. Following up the incredible "Losing My Edge" was always going to be a bit tricky, but LCD Soundsystem made a brilliant job of it with these two epic versions of "Yeah". The 'Crass' mix starts off all loose and punk-funk, with a bassline not dissimilar to Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business", before slowly building with electronic key riffs, percussion etc into a full on disco-not-disco freak-out.

The 'Pretentious' version is instrumental and has more of a dubbed-out feel. More cut n paste action aimed straight at late nite dancefloors from the Disco Bits mob Well, I didn't do very well there did I? Nevermind, just grab the record, stick it ont deck and see if you score better!

Failing that, shake that shit till kingdom come - you won't be sorry! And because most of the stuff I've done is still unreleased and I never stop making music where ever I go I am absolutely delighted to share this collection of tunes featuring some of the most talented singers and friends for life that I had the pleasure to work in these last years, recorded in my London studio sanctuary throughout the years.

And hopefully even the old songs still stand the ground Yes, it is still alive and seemingly kickin with Simbad proving it on this killer 12". On her second single "Raise Me Up" she re-unites with soul trio Dames Brown to deliver a dose of seriously uplifting, gospel-infused house music. Very much in the MAW vein. Future classic. This is a 4-tracker of serious heat representing all four romance languages…perfect for romancing, and dancing! On this instalment there is a bit of Brasil, Italia and France all in the same 12".

Diverse and dancefloor friendly. Anna returns for her third round on Speicher following an incredible year of non-stop touring the globe, remixing Jon Hopkins and contributing to a recent Afterlife compilation. Kittin formerly known as Miss Kittin needs no introduction - she is nothing short of a trailblazer in dance music history by contributing countless times through her voice, music and DJing.

Together they are "Forever Ravers" - dispatching a message of everlasting unity for the dance floor community.

Gentle Pirate by Jayne Castle

Anna brings her most voracious production skills to date interwound with Kittin sounding at her best in an explosive consequence that we can only describe as being a must- ear Techno hymn. Anna takes the original past the stratosphere with her "Raving In Space Mix". Not to be misinterpreted as a dub version, Anna keeps the potency of the original but expands the core instrumental elements that moves from suspension to release in a decisively throttling means.

Striking up the perfect balance of both their signature styles, this record hits the sweet spot between metallic synthwave, slow beat industrial, and clanging EBM hybrids. The duo effortlessly weave together a sonic narrative with nods to the past but unmistakable emphasis on their ever expanding forward thinking future sound.

The pedigree is high as the skilled technician exhibits a highly functional, reductionist aesthetic heavy on sub frequencies and skeletal rhythms and tailor made to tickle n tweak the soundsystem in the freshest way possible. Rude boy biznis, don't sleep If you're enjoying the Logic 12" then this baby should tickly your sub-woofing fancy also.

Simply stunning updates to the cosmic and EBM blueprints here by Noema, head of The Magic Movement and a truly shaman of midnight dance rituals! If your musical taste falls on the side of the the freaky, perverted and downright sinister, then you need to get your ears around this talented new producer ASAP.

Gentle Pirate by Jayne Castle

Noema's palette is a wonder to behold, the perfect balance of technoid futurism and organic gestation. Tracks emit a force and power much greater than there subversive tempos dictate. In short, a masterpiece, and highly recommended by everyone here at Picc HQ. You need! Condor feather not included! Next one from burgeoning local camp, Bakk Heia who showcase the skills of one of the party's residents, Jorg Kunning for their second installment to date.

Based in Wales via Manchester, Jorg has been instrumental in the development of both the party and the label's sonic aesthetic. Having played the inaugural Bakk Heia several years ago in the now defunct Bunker in Salford, and at various parties at the White Hotel since then. Live hardware jams evolve and mutate, incorporating intricate percussion and sparse organic melodies. Intricately designed and with a delicate construction it harks back to the inventive micro-house era with lots of tiny, well-tuned samples articulating the track.

Finally, "Bumrish" closes off things in upfront yet primordial form.

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Wooden perx and broken techno beats sprayed and peppered across system-tickling sub tones; one for the Sunklow and more recently Logic heads to keenly digest More top stuff from the Bakk Heia mob, bridging the Manchester-Salford gap through underground music exploration and hedonistic party styles Big ups! Whilst cockily edging closer to the centre of the dancefloor it still offers plenty for the cerebrum to explore, utilizing a super interesting sound palette throughout to keep ears glued to the wax.

Bogdan subsequently returned to Bulgaria to retire, where he breeds horses with his wife and grandchildren. The two, mindblowingly fresh original versions are presented here ready to damage on the walters and at the rave. Qwestlife Feat. Fast forward forty years, and the song transcends genres, tastes and generations.

Perhaps this is why as "Fever" comes through the speakers there is a warm feeling of familiarity that comes with it. Mega stuff as always from the Glitterbox firm who seem intent on keeping us grownups shuffling and shimmying across the discotheque! With an allstar cast to enjoy this really is the business. With roots spanning from Detroit to San Francisco, the project is somewhere around four years old.

Immediately, the songs burst with new life and Portage Garage Sound requested to hear more. What followed were several months of additional recording sessions in a collective effort to finalize the tracks, done at Ryan's apartment in Southwest Detroit, Izaak's in SF, and the Portage Garage in Hamtramck. Bay area DIY underground luminary Anya Ghiorzi joined the group and contributed her vocal talents to the songs, which began to exhibit a sound representative of the genre-collisions featured at MITNM — from krautrock and boogie to trance, acid, and house — in a way other PGS releases have hinted at, but have not fully expressed until now.