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John Wright. The Naming of the Shrew. The Gypsy Ribbon. A Natural History of the Hedgerow. Why Is That So Funny? Paul Evans. The Forager's Calendar.

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River Cottage A to Z. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The River Cottage Booze Handbook. Handbook of Crime Correlates. Lee Ellis.

The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade. Sam Slater. Edible Seashore. Playing the Mask. Transcaucasian Boundaries. Conservative Criminology.

The Outcrop Quiz. Environmental Chemistry. The New York Times Almanac How to Solve Problems Using the Constitution. Explaining Science's Success. Continue shopping. The early growth and features of the Party. The Twenty-Five Point Programme. The role of the SA. Reasons for limited support for the Nazi Party, — The Bamberg Conference of The failure of successive Weimar governments to deal with unemployment from to January The growth of support for the Communist Party.

Reasons for the growth in support for the Nazi Party , including the appeal of Hitler and the Nazis, the effects of propaganda and the work of the SA. The part played by Hindenburg and von Papen in Hitler becoming Chancellor in Problems and solutions. Key Topic 3: Nazi control and dictatorship, — Germany KT3. The Enabling Act and the banning of other parties and trade unions. Nazi control of the legal system, judges and law courts.

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Nazi control of culture and the arts, including art, architecture, literature and film. Opposition from the young, including the Swing Youth and the Edelweiss Pirates. Games and Quizes 1 Duck Game Germany 2 Penalty shoot out Germany 3 Walk the Plank..

Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1945

Nazi Propaganda 4 Penalty shoot out.. Nazi Germany. Key Topic 4: Life in Nazi Germany, — Germany KT4. Nazi policies towards women , including marriage and family, employment and appearance. Nazi control of the young through education, including the curriculum and teachers. Changes in the standard of living, especially of German workers.

The persecution of the Jews , including the boycott of Jewish shops and businesses , the Nuremberg Laws and Kristallnacht. What can we infer from these images ?

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And finally Once you have developed your knowledge and understanding through completing the course and practising the skills of doing history in your lessons and homework, it will be important to prepare yourself for the final puzzle In fact lets stop using the E word now and just talk about preparing for the puzzle. There are two essential aspects to this preparation. Firstly, there is developing your memory. This is something that you can do through specific memory training exercises and revision more generally. In history we encourage the use of the Trigger Memory Activity as an initial stimulus to your memory of a whole topic both in overview and in depth.

Use theses tools and others that you have developed to prepare your memory for the demands of the puzzle. Secondly you will need to think about how this particular exam is organised, the number of questions, what skills they are asking you to demonstrate, the amount of marks they are worth and the amount of time you will have to answer these questions in the puzzle. The more that you prepare your memory and your clever writing patterns for particular questions under the conditions the puzzle will be set in, the greater chance you will have of fulfilling your potential in this subject.