Inequality, Economic Growth, and Technological Change: New Aspects in an Old Debate

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Joshel, Margaret Malamud, and Donald T. McGuire, Jr. She has published widely on Roman love She has published widely on Roman love poetry and ancient gender, as well as in the New York: Monthly Review P, Silverman, Kaja. The Acoustic Mirror.

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Sandra R. Joshel is with the New Joshel is with the New England Conservatory. Popular Culture and Multidisciplinary. View on blackwell-synergy. Remember me on this computer. Joshel, University of Washington, Lauren Hackworth Petersen, University of Delaware by Sandra R Joshel Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Rather than regard slaves as irretrievable in the ruins of ancient Roman cities and villas, this study takes the archaeological record as a key form of evidence for reconstructing slaves' lives and experiences.

In and out : food, the body, and social hierarchies in Roman household by F. Mira Green 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Providing a distinct window into the social and political developments of the early Principate, my dissertation takes up various lived experiences in domestic settings to probe Roman notions of embodiment. It offers a close study of Roman attitudes towards the digesting body and the domestic practices associated with its needs.

My research reveals how numerous activities related to basic somatic functions became the markers of a person's place in Roman society. The house is the primary locus of my dissertation because this dynamic environment both enabled the continual re enactment of social hierarchies grounded in attitudes about nutritional and excretory needs and permitted temporary threats or resistances to common practices.

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My work makes two interlinked arguments. First, an underlying acceptance of hierarchical social relationships colored Roman authors' thoughts about the proper functioning of and practices associated with digestion. Second, these assumptions influenced not only the design of domestic technologies and locations assigned to preparing, eating, and excreting food, but also the daily orchestration of human activity within Roman homes. After an introduction that relays the methodologies employed throughout the work, I begin with an exploration of elite imaginings of the alimentary canal and its reflection of various writers' contemporary socio-political values.

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The next chapter focuses on Latin authors' attempts to categorize status, belonging, and deviance through dietary habits. Following this, I explore the tension between elite writers' demonstrable ignorance of the skills and practices associated with cooking, yet their obvious attempt to appropriate culinary knowledge as an expression of mastery and self-reliance through the inclusion of recipes and remedies in their works.

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In the last chapter, I take up the kinetic organization of household routines involving somatic function as a daily performance of mastery on the one hand and enslavement on the other. Final thoughts point to future research that explores the power popular tastes and practices had on shaping elite attitudes to the body during the early Principate.

Engineering power : the Roman triumph as material expression of conquest, BCE by Alyson Maureen Roy 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide This dissertation explores the intersection between the Roman triumph, architecture, and material culture. The triumph was a military parade that generals were granted for significant victories and represented the pinnacle of an elite Roman man's career, engendering significant prestige. My interest is in the transformation of the transitory parade, into what I term "material expressions of power" including architecture, decoration, inscriptions, and coins.

I assert that from the mid-third century BCE through the mid-first century BCE, material expressions of power became of central importance to elite expressions of prestige. More importantly, by tracing the process of bringing plundered material to Rome, constructing victory monuments, and decorating them with plundered art, I have determined that this process had a profound impact on the development of a luxury art market in Rome, through which elite Romans bought objects that resembled triumphal plunder, and on the development of a visual language of power that the Romans used to talk to each other about conquest and that they then exported into the provinces as a material expression of their authority.

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Sovereignty and Its Other.